terça-feira, maio 15, 2012

Foothold Trap

Inside my being resides
The emptiness and desolation
Attacking from all sides
Soul gone dark destination

I've been here for days
Trying to escape my life
But now I'm unable to run away
Felt it like a stabbing knife

Lost my foot I'm shouting pain
Crawling this belligerent land
Choking slowly with the rain
Blood and dirt in my hands

Trapped prisoner in the floor
Lost here and never found my way out
Delight and joy I will meet no more
No-one will find me the louder I shout

Foothold trap for a human being
Suffering like a damned creature
Maybe revenge for thousands dying
But what I've ever done to nature

Innocent animal laying on the floor
Tasting the cruelty of my heartless kind

Forgive me...

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